This spring we're offering a six-part seminar series for second- and third-year New York City law school students (held in the New York City Bar Building -- a result of our newest collaboration). We are also continuing to advance financial literacy programming with students at Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington, DC. Look for photos in our Gallery that take a look back at our Friends of Howard project, our Florida International Law School project, and our Friends of Two Rivers activities.

Check back soon for volunteer orientation sessions. Our volunteers include senior and junior securities experts for graduate schools and a variety of volunteers for younger students and their programs.

Our expanded web site, currently in the works, will provide detailed information on the people and organizations that keep ASAFE ticking.

We provide a platform for securities and finance experts to engage with graduate students, asking each to deliver a single lecture. ASAFE volunteers attend all sessions, working with instructors, administrators, and students to ensure seamless offerings and relieving in-house faculty from additional duties. For younger students, after school activities and faculty development series focus on financial literacy and building career interest in the securities industry. All offered without charge to participating schools.

ASAFE runs on volunteers, donors, and supporters. BOARD OF DIRECTORS · Nancy Burnett, President · Charles Spearman, Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners · Nate Saint Victor, Morgan Stanley · BOARD OF ADVISORS · Rufus Beatty, Federal Fincial Regulator Attorney · Kapil Pandit, Associate, Akin Gump and Howard Law School Alum · Fabrice Coles, Howard Law Alum and Capitol Hill Staffer · BOARD MEMBERS · Jessica Wodatch, Executive Director, Two Rivers DC Charter School

ASAFE goes beyond training students in the knowledge and content of finance and securities; we emphasize leadership and values development in course content, teaching methods and as a featured characteristic among our volunteers. Our experts model these values through their engagement with learning communities and within their shared stories of challenges met.

When financial industry jobs are open to a diverse group of prepared, ethical, and innovative leaders, strong networks are forged and we realize benefits to students, instructors, educational institutions, communities, the national economy, and our society at large.

ASAFE is a non-profit alliance of financial-industry experts who are regulators and practitioners that create and provide educational programs to increase and diversify access to the industry and its leadership careers.

Building integrity and leadership in the financial leaders of tomorrow.

Programs are custom tailored, complementing course offerings of administrators and faculty of institutions, from elementary grades through law and other graduate schools. Financial course objectives are to build knowledge and familiarity, develop critical- and creative-thinking skills, emphasize leadership notes and ethical standards, generate enthusiasm, and support adjunct and in-house faculty. The overall objective is to open possibilities—fostering diverse and talented generations of leaders in domestic and international banking, finance, investment management, accounting, law, and related financial industries and professions.

Second generation ASAFE strategies are underway and introduce innovative outreach to graduate students at multiple schools simultaneously rather than at a few schools at a time. ASAFE is framing intermediate and advanced knowledge development offerings in new ways. Robust legal and business seminars hosted at bar associations and corporate or firm settings of ASAFE leaders are the new venues providing students exposure to new settings and practical application knowledge development. Teaching and student talent are being recruited and developed using ASAFE's successful teaching and learning methods, bringing together leaders in private practice at financial services firms, law firms, in-house general counsels' offices and from among state and federal regulators. Learning design is being framed around students who have demonstrated their intention to pursue careers in the securities and financial industries.

Networking with top leaders in their fields of business and law is a key outcome for students who have demonstrated commitment to finance careers. This series of seminars will provide a new benefit in the form of connections among and between students from multiple schools, creating the kinds of network currency that can last a professional lifetime and can be critical in the earliest years of career development. Look for information coming soon about opportunities for attending these seminars and whether your school will grant transcript credit for your participation. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at and join this effort. Our intention is to remain targeted, focused and enduring to the mission to discover and support the talent that will lead us into the next generations of ethical financial growth and expansion.

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